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Most of their trees they allow
to keep growing, but others
are eventually harvested.

Because trees take years
to grow, it's a hobby that
requires a lot  patience.
But look at the rewards  ->

The Chair.  Sometimes they
train trees to "become"
something else. Here Peter
poses with his chair tree.

The holey tree.

The picturesque entrance gate to Pooktre Orchard.

Learn the unforgettable story
of Peter's amazing Pooktre Orchard and Pooktre
art were born, on their home

To Pooktre website  

Peter and Becky with their
"table tree".

What could be cooler than
a living gazebo?  

This bicycle shows another variation of Pooktre art.

Periodically, they photograph
all their plantings to docu-
ment the growth.

The ladder tree. 
Peter likes to create tree art that's different do the
unexpected thing.


Peter poses here with his incredible "star tree"


Pooktre Art

Peter Cook and Becky Northey
of Queensland, Australia have a hobby they call "Pooktre Art."

They take living trees and train them to grow into fantastic shapes.  

They live on a wild and beautiful 160-acre tree farm, but their hobby can be enjoyed on a smaller scale almost anywhere. 

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