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Our favorite tattoo

Good fences make good
neighbors. Check out tree-
shaping at Unusual Hobbies

Thought to be a skeleton
of an ancient politician

Looks like these firemen
found a quick solution to the
  Enlarge photo

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our Unusual Roads page

Not only does he not help
her get unstuck...

He makes matters worse
by taking advantage of her

A good reason to NOT
sleep in the nude. Enlarge

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Another dream shattered:
The pot at the end of the
rainbow. Thanks to Ron E.

Lawnmower bike.  Visit our
Unusual Ingenuity page for
more strange creations.

In a hurry

Enlarge photo

But where would they go?
Enlarge photo

18,000 men at Camp Dodge,
Iowa formed this human Sta-
tue of Liberty. Date unknown

Contentment in a shoe

Lost in the ' 60's?

The light was perfect for this
shot.   Enlarge photo

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