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    Look what you can do with
     VODKA -- besides drink it!

Thanks to Carlyn L. for sending these

Remove bandages painlessly.
Saturate the bandage with vodka. It dissolves the adhesive for painless bandage removal.

To clean the caulking around bathtubs and showers, fill a trigger-spray bottle with vodka, spray the caulking, let set
five minutes and wash clean.  The alcohol in the vodka kills mold and mildew

To clean your glasses, simply wipe the lenses with a soft, clean cloth dampened with vodka. The alcohol in the vodka cleans the glass and kills germs

Prolong the life of razors by filling a cup with vodka and letting your safety razor blade soak in the alcohol after shaving.

To clean wine stains
, scrub the stain with a brush, and then blot dry.

As an astringent. With a cotton ball, apply vodka to your face to clean the skin and tighten pores

To enhance your shampoo. Add a jigger of vodka to a 12-oz bottle of shampoo. The alcohol cleans the scalp,removes toxins from hair, and stimulates hair growth.

To kill bees or wasps, fill a 16-ounce trigger-spray bottle with vodka and spray bees or wasps to kill them.

For headache or a black eye, pour 1/2 cup vodka & 1/2 cup water into a freezer bag and freeze for a refreshing ice pack
for aches, pain or black eyes.

For aches and pains, fill a clean, used mayonnaise jar with freshly packed lavender flowers, fill jar with vodka, seal the lid tightly and set in the sun for 3 days. Strain liquid through coffee filter, then apply to aches & pains.

To relieve a fever, rub vodka on your chest and back as a liniment


To reduce foot odor, wash your feet with vodka.

For jellyfish or insect stings,
dab some vodka on the area. 
It disinfects and reduces the itching and stinging.

For poison ivy, pour vodka over the affected area.  It removes the poison ivy oil and helps to stop the spread and relieve the itching.


For a toothache, swish a shot of vodka over the aching tooth.  Let your gums to absorb some of the alcohol to numb the pain.  Of course, if you swallow some of the vodka, that helps too.


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