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Unusual Art - Windshield Art
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Artist Scott Wade contem-plates his next creation

The windshield "before"

The initial sketch.

Same windshield "after"

Close-up of the windshield

Albert Einstein, as interpreted
by Scott Wade

The nagging wife.


A tribute to Austin, Texas


Scott has become quite famous, and now can occasionally be found plying his craft at auto shows.

Wade at work at a Texas auto show, spring 2009.


A tribute to the art of creating artwork on dirty car wind-shields. It only exists until the next wash - or next rain, but it's pretty neat while it lasts.
(Thanks to Carlyn L. for sending)

Windshield artist Scott Wade of San Marcos,TX
lives on a 1.5 mile long dirt
road. He probably started his career with smiley faces, but he's progressed way beyond that. .



Wade often works from prints
of the old masters.

One of Scott Wade's creations

Wade at work on a new
windshield masterpiece.

Wade's Oriental phase

Wade moves from one car to
another in this Texas lot.

Wade's Mona Lisa

"Help, I'm trapped and I can't
get out."

Scott Wade and one of his
windshield art creations

A clown face by Scott Wade

Holiday windshield by Wade.

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